I mostly just need to distract myself right now, you guys have been very helpful today. Thank you all so much!!

In case you're just tuning in:

After I talked to the police, I left a note on the front gate letting the rest of the building know and to let the landlord know if anything similar has happened to them.


I went to a sporting goods store to buy a hunting knife. Surprisingly they are easy to buy. I literally grabbed one from a shelf and carried it around while I continued to browse the store. And the cashier didn't even seem to give a shit. So weird

I went and got the window locks LaChatgris suggested and put them on immediately.

Do you think I should call ADT? Why is that even on my window when obviously it is not secured at all with an alarm system. What is this bullshit??


I signed up for a free Krav Maga class at a gym nearby. This will be good for me, I have a lot of aggression.

Also, icantremembermylastname pointed out that the police dispatch might have only needed to know what I was wearing in case I disappeared/was kidnapped before police got there. So there's that.

I've been stressed out since I woke up to this. TMI but I literally pooped 5 times today because of stress. I haven't eaten more than a Lara Bar and a Jamba Juice. I can feel a migraine happening. I really don't handle stress in any healthy way. I'm afraid to tell my parents what happened or say anything on Facebook and get an onslaught of overly concerned calls that solve nothing, so it really helped that I was able to vent about it here.

I'm going to go get some dinner soon. Thank you all for supporting me in creepy note-gate. I might laugh about it later. I mean, there are some legitimately funny aspects to this story.