No, this is not a crappy stand-up joke I promise. How does everyone feel about this? As a single traveler who usually ends up on airlines like Southwest where it's a free for all and you pick a seat when you get on the plane, when families get to board their brood first it's kind of annoying to me. Sometimes I pay extra for early check in, but then I still have to wait for a family of 5 to board before me. I understand that having young children on a plane is a pain in the ass for parents and getting them on there as soon as possible is a big relief for them. But when the airline does not have assigned seating it's really aggravating for other passengers, especially when you end up on a plane with more than one family with more than one kid.

Honestly, there's no right or wrong here, not trying to start a flame war. I think Southwest in particular, their business model and the way they board planes and sell tickets is the worst. Yes, they might be a couple bucks cheaper, but you know what? I'd rather pick a window seat when I buy my ticket and know where I'm going when I board the plane. $25 for a checked bag is lame, but $25 to board the plane before other people and make sure you claw your way to the seat you want is also lame. Something I've noticed having to travel back and forth so much is that no airline is cheapest. They all have ways to jack up the price somewhere or cut corners somewhere else.


I would make a lot more sense to board the back of the plane first and then fill it up to the front. That would actually be efficient. But, no lets make people pay more to get sapphire prime star first class ruby tickets so they can board the plane before it even lands at the tarmac!

Should there just be planes for singles? Cute singles? Cute singles who want to mingle? I'd fly that airline!