The police came, they are filing it as trespassing since there is no evidence that a person actually got into my room other than their arm. When I called the non-emergency dispatch they asked me what I was wearing, which I thought was unnecessary and worthy of a solid eye roll. I first called my landlord who is making some calls to get someone to fix the window, it will likely be handled on Monday.

I don't feel like I'm in immediate danger, but this is a disgusting breech of my privacy. The fact that this note could have been sitting there all week is completely unnerving. I spend most of my time in my room watching TV, I keep the blinds closed and I like fresh air so I like the windows opened. I now have to take extra precautions just to feel safe in my own bedroom. My building is only 7 units, I've seen all the tenants and don't think it was any of them. There are high school aged boys who hang out in the street skateboarding, there are people who have a clear visual of my apartment in the neighboring buildings, there's no knowing who this person is or what they're capable of, they went to a lot of trouble to put this in my room specifically, it could have been random, it could have been purposeful, I don't know. And the not knowing is what's getting to me. I change my clothes in my room, I sleep in my room, this is supposed to be where I feel safest.

I'm looking into boxing or self-defense classes, if you're an LA GTer and have any recommendations that would be much appreciated. I'm also going to look at hunting knives today. I would not flinch if I needed to stab someone, hell, I'd buy a bow and arrow and call myself a vigilante if you didn't need a permit. I've been wanting to take fighting classes, now I just have a reason.

ETA: in case you missed note-gate: