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Life Update!

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First of all, hello! I’ve been away for far too long! I honestly have no reason why! I decided to stop logging in at work in an effort to make myself more productive in my down time, but I’m still not that productive in my down time, lazy is and lazy does.


I had another surgery on my leg in early September to remove some of the pins in my knee. My leg is feeling soooooo much better but now my shin is numb. The doctor said I should be concerned if it doesn’t go away so I’m starting to be concerned. But it’s not really the worst thing in the world, just weird feeling. But aside from stiffness, I’m walking and running with less pain and I almost feel like I’m back to my old self.

A have a boyfriend now! My tinder match Jon Snow. We’ve been pretty much inseparable for months and he’s going to meet my family in Chicago for Christmas. We’re even Facebook official. And you know nothing is real unless it’s Facebook official. Only drama is, he used to be married. From how he’s talked about it and what I can only assume, it was mostly so he could continue to live in the US and they could continue being together. He’s a Brit living in California who works for himself so I knew something was up and I’m glad he brought it up. My sister married at 22 and divorced at 23 so, I have no judgements towards people who get hitched young.


I know I should be an independant disembodied penis and all that, but for me at least, doing things alone is often anxiety ridden and stressful. It’s been so fun to have someone to do random fun things with like go to the beach, museums, Oktoberfest, Didneylan, etc. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN! And I laugh so much! I wouldn’t have joined tinder if I hadn’t broken my leg, I know that sounds like a weird one thing leading to another but it’s true, and for that, I’m glad it happened.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What have you guys been doing lately???? I want to know!


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